Every Mimi’s Girl product I have tasted is DELICIOUS. I have enjoyed every cookie, marshmallow, and cracker. The Parmesan Thyme Crackers are one of the best crackers I have ever tasted; very flavorful and amazing! Thank you Mimi’s Girl may I have another, and another, and another!!!

Mimi’s Girl is a brand new company out of Franklin, TN. You guys – they have the most wonderful, delectable specialty items – Lavender Sugar Drops, which I enjoyed for the first time today with my English Breakfast Tea, Lavender Shortbread, crafted marshmallows, savories like Parmesan Thyme Crackers . . . they come packaged beautifully for gift giving and are such tasty bites of yumminess. All products are hand made by gourmet foodie friends of mine. I’ve found my new food indulgence for special moments!! Their FB page is Mimi’s Girl.

Date nut cookies, lavender shortbread, parmesan thyme crackers…so different and so, so tasty!!